The Special Kids of Sharon
book series are

"The Wagon"
"The Monster"

also see the
"Abbey and Jakey" Book
which includes
"Jakey's Happy Tale"
Abbey, a Cocker Spaniel was
usually very calm, quiet and
tolerant. Very lovable, with very
expressive facial features.
She could and did rule the
household and I might add very
much her mom's girl.
The Special "Kids" of Sharon are real  
puppy-dogs.  Willie and Lillie are neighbors
of  Abbey.
Yes, their backyards do adjoin a farm and

All three dogs, needless to say, are our own
"Special Kids" very much loved and the
inspiration for the books.

Hence, the title of the series
"The Special Kids of Sharon"

All of the illustration in the books are created by
me using actual pictures of the kids and
surrounding countryside.  I never tire of writing,
painting or doing illustrations of animals but the
Special Kids and the newest member, Jakey are
my favorite bunch.
Lillie, a Teacup Yorkshire
Terrier and being the smallest
of the three, is the baby.  She
too is very lovable and
somewhat shy until she gets to
know you. She loves to be held.
Willie, is part Jack Russell
Terrier, always full of energy
and also very lovable. He is
eager to please. Likes to
tauting the skunks that live
in Abbeys' backyard.
Oh No!
Rain, what
are we going
to play now?
what we can
"I know "I
know what
we can do,"
said Abbey.
Is there a Monster in the house?
The Kids are determined to find it.
Do they?
The Special Kids of Sharon Book Series
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Phyllis Yohn-Rhodes
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newly found wagon??
phyllis yohn-rhodes presents newly published childrens picture books, main characters real dogs Abbey, Jakey, Willie, Lillie all real puppydogs,