be loved, happy, safe, well fed, have abundance of toys
and attention, and always have fun filled days.  If Jakey
does have something to do that is not so much fun like
going to the vets, I always declare the next day "Jakey
Day"  Dusty insists that every day is "Jakey Day" and
really it is.

If the abuse, the neglect, the hurt and the pain suffered is
not enough.  What must it be like to be then dropped at a
big building and to be caged in a small pen with constant
noise and light?  People coming and going, loud barking.
Every now and then people stopping to look at you,
saying things like, "Oh isn't he or she cute or gee! That
one is nice  but I wanted a white and tan dog. Oh gosh
that one barks to much, and on and on" And they wait
until finally someone walks up to the cage with a leash,
opens the gate and you are on your way to your new
home.  Hopefully filled with lots of love, to be a
permanent family member for the rest of your life.

Jakey was one behind the closed gate but never, never
again.  He had no idea how he would become such an
inspiration and important part of my life or did he.

Jakey and I thought it would be fun to have a show and
tell about himself and especially his first days at dome.  
Jakey are you ready?  Jakey put the ball down.  Now
are you ready for your show and tell..