The Special Kids of Sharon series
"The Wagon Book"
"The Monster Book"

With very delighful characters, catchy
dialogs, and very vibrant illustrations
The Special Kids of Sharon books
have very original and wholesome stories
that will entertain a wide range of readers
especially children of all ages, dog lovers,
and even mommies and daddies.
In regards to the book's visuals, readers are
in for a very big treat as the images features
real pictures of dogs combined with very
lively painted backgrounds.  No doubt
about it,
Phyllis Yohn-Rhodes' pictures books bring
to life her love for dogs and a pleasurable
reading experience for all.
Do the Kids get a ride
in the newly found
Is there a Monster in
the house??
Do the Kids find it??
There is nothing more painful in life than the death of a loved one. When death
strikes, the human spirit is devastated and the world completely stops which can  
leave anyone very lonely. After death, the task of ending the grief and regaining
happiness and moving forward becomes inevitable.  These are real life experiences
of author Phyllis Yohn-Rhodes who shares to her readers a story of love, happiness
and sorrow with her beautiful pet dogs with her new picture book,
                       "ABBEY AND JAKEY"

It is a fascinating picture book that truly depicts the emotional link between people  
and dogs. Its story brings to life the struggle to overcome the loss of a loved one and
regaining both happiness and love. In addition, it also spreads the author' message
that there truly is a greater being in life, and when people believe and are in need,
anything can happen.

Presented in two parts, "
ABBEY AND JAKEY"  tells the true story about the author's
two very special cocker spaniels. In part one, the book pays a loving tribute to Abbey,
the author's twelve-year old dog who died from hemolytic anemia.   Abbey's death
brought great sadness and loneliness to the author, who went on to write her story to
overcome grief.  As she wrote, she realized that strange things were happening and
soon enough happiness returned as Jakey came into her life.

In the second part titled "JAKEY'S HAPPY TALE" readers will be treated with an
uplifting and fun picture story told by Jakey about his first few days at the author's
home.  In here the author emphasizes that Jakey's presence is not mere coincidence
but a true sign of destiny.

Readers of all ages, including children and animal lovers, will find this book an
entertaining yet relevant picture book to read as it will make them aware of how
important animal really are in life.
Abbey, Jakey and I
know. It was meant
to be.
After you read this
story you decided.
written by mom
about his first days
finally at home where
he is meant to be.
No more abuse or
sadness for Jakey.
Only happy days filled
with lots of love.
Read about the
"Abbey and Jakey Fund"

A fund to help beloved
pets of elderly who are
on a fixed income and
could use a little help
with the care of
their beloved friends.
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