I grew up in a quaint small town in Pennsylvania. Attended college then taking a sabbatical to
fly with a major airline as a stewardess.  I was lucky enough to be chosen with five other girls
to fly exclusively for a major steel corporation which was based in Pittsburgh,Pa.
After flying a few years I returned to school and today continue to work in the medical field.
My field is Neurophysiology. (brain and central nervous system.)

I am married to a great guy named Dusty Rhodes from Philadelphia, PA
Dusty, Jakey and I live in the small town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Dusty, a
Pennsylvania State Trooper is now retired.
He served on the executive branch and has protected 5 governors for over 35 years.  
Dusty is my biggest supporter in any and all of my endeavors.  If you ask him,  he will tell you,
I am always involved in some type of project.

Dusty and I had known each other for many many years and dated when I was in school.  The
families thought we would be getting married any day.  Boy did we fool them.  We ended up
getting married
25 years later. I have no children or should I say no human children, my dogs are my children.
Jakey as you probably already know, rules the Rhodes household and is my pride and joy.
Dusty kidding is always saying "Jakey gets everything" my answer to that
"Well, start acting like Jakey and you too might get a few treats."   
I love all animals but especially dogs.  I am always eager and willing to champion a cause for
well being and better treatment.

The idea for the "The Abbey and Jakey Fund" came to me after seeing an
elderly lady who lives on a fixed income. She lives by herself and had a cat that was her
pride and joy.  She had a purpose in life which was to care for her cat.  She was her
companion and loved her very much.  The cat developed a health problem that was easily
cured and maintained on medication every day.  The lady being very proud felt she could not
afford the medication so she gave her beloved
cat away. Fortunately, she gave the cat to her niece but the problem was the niece
did not live near her so she never saw the cat.  The lady went into a deep depression.
The happy ending is the fact the niece knew what was happening and brought the cat back
to her and is now paying the medical bills for her aunts cat. The lady and her beloved cat are
together, happy and healthy.

But there are more like her in the same situation so I thought, maybe
Abbey, Jakey and myself can make just a little difference if someone needs
a little help. I believe it to be so true and proven that  people need animals in
their life as much as animals need us.   
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