Sydney and Meggie came into my life after the passing of our beloved Jake.
    I found them at the Oldies but Goodies Cocker Spaniel rescue organization,    
    located in Virginia. One of the best rescue groups for all ages but they do
    great work with the older dogs.

    When they brought them home and I saw them running up the driveway to
    me. My heart skipped a beat. They stole my heart immediately. What adorable
    and precious brother and sister in need of love and care. They did not know
    at the time how loved they would be and must say spoiled but the best of spoiled.
    They did know, very quickly they were home and they have a forever
    home filled with love.

    Devastated, my heart is broken.  We lost Meggie to acute renal failure. A few
    months ago. She was 14 years old.  I do know for sure she had the best of care
    and anything her little heart desired. She fought a hard battle. We miss her so
    very much. But she is in our heart and never to be forgotten. I am sure she is now
    playing with Abbey and Jake on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
                          Until we meet sweet baby girl.
                                  Love, Mommy

    I miss you Meggie, you are the best sister in the world
                                                       Love, Sydney      

More sadness and again devastated

My beloved Sydney passed from Skin cancer and Congestive heart failure.
Less then one year after Meggie. He was also 14 years old.

My heartache is so tough some times it feels that I can't go on but I know I must.
They say time heals but time is so so slow.  My babies I know are now together
pain free and at peace. They will never be forgotten.

                   Again, Until we meet
             my sweet baby girl, Meggie
              my sweet baby boy, Sydney

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